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HD Video Vimeo Test

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Back home in Cali :)

Once again, took a long lapse in updating my blog, but the most important news is I survived Europe and made it back home and still rockin’! Here’s just a bit to catch up on what’s happened since moving home from London in April.

May- Moved back to LA, got to be with my family, friends, the Sun, and… Car! Woohoo!

June-July-Moved into an AMAZING apt in Santa Monica and Freelanced for JAM studios in the UK from home 🙂

August- Went to Chicago to go to Lollapolozza (sp?, hehe) to see my idols in both RAGE and NIN (seen them 4 times now and they always seem to amaze me!) Will also post photos later this week of CHITown weekend.

September-Took my girlfriend to Carlsbad/San Diego and had an amazing time relaxing

Late September found the TV series, Dexter- and quickly became its biggest fan!

October-Made a return to Vegas with college friends/family 🙂 I’m in 2nd Place in Fantasy football as of week 5! Yeyaa!

Oct 11th- Writing you this.

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Crazy Bag Lady

Want another post? I got one for ya- This old lady is like clockwork. Every night she walks around Old Street and throws out pieces of torn apart call girl ads, which litter the streets.  Last week I caught her in the act!  If anyone knows who she is, please report her to your local copper! 🙂

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Have Firefox? Well have I got the plugin for you!  Amazing firefox plugin that works with Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Myspace, Facebook. As my co-worker put it, “its sex on wheels”. Ya, we’re nerds.

Download it here.

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BBC Teletext


I was in a pub this Sunday following our football match and looked up to the TV only to see a screen as simple as the image above-text updates of the days match results. Teletext, kept mostly in homage of the past, just gives you what you need to know. In this case, it was Barnsley who upset Chelsea 1-0, and Pompey who beat ManU 2-1. In football you don’t need to see the highlights, just 2 simple numbers telling you your town pulled off the impossible, and that alone would be satisfying enough.

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Sausage n’ Mash


I really got to stop eating like this… But how can you say no! (from our local pub, the Slaughtered Lamb-the best name for a pub-eva.).

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