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Have Firefox? Well have I got the plugin for you!  Amazing firefox plugin that works with Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Myspace, Facebook. As my co-worker put it, “its sex on wheels”. Ya, we’re nerds.

Download it here.


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BBC Teletext


I was in a pub this Sunday following our football match and looked up to the TV only to see a screen as simple as the image above-text updates of the days match results. Teletext, kept mostly in homage of the past, just gives you what you need to know. In this case, it was Barnsley who upset Chelsea 1-0, and Pompey who beat ManU 2-1. In football you don’t need to see the highlights, just 2 simple numbers telling you your town pulled off the impossible, and that alone would be satisfying enough.

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Sausage n’ Mash


I really got to stop eating like this… But how can you say no! (from our local pub, the Slaughtered Lamb-the best name for a pub-eva.).

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Just about everyday I get into work around 10, and head over to the People’s Choice for some breakfast. 2 sausage and egg sandwiches, double egg, which has now become, “do you want the usual mate?” 🙂 But I wanted to blog about the workers that frequent the cafe around the same time I do-instead, they are having their lunch. Tired, dirty, covered in paint, these guys bust their asses off while I’m asleep, let alone work in the cold/dreary mornings that is London.  Respect.

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I was sent this from a co worker who passed this around the studio with, “what will the yanks think of next?”. And after watching it, I wonder if people seeing this view all Americans in the same light. Very innovative weapon I must say, and don’t get me wrong, I love being American, and love our passion, but it’s such a massive country that I often find it hard to feel as though half of the things that go on it I can really say, I can relate to that. Middle America seems light years away from the world I live in, and while it does make up a majority of my country, does it mean I really don’t know what it is to be American? When I’m commuting in a bus, sitting in a tight squeeze, having people cough on me, get wacked in the head with a big bag as it goes by, or almost fall over when the bus makes a sudden stop or turn, ya I want to be in a big Escalade or Dodge Durango running shit over eating a massive hamburger. Who wouldn’t?! I love the freedoms of America, however its not the way the rest of the world lives unfortunately. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I gotta get back to work and hit a deadline, but I’ll clean this up more. But yea I love home, often feel disconnected with how it all functions as a whole and its wide range of ideals, but I miss it and hope I can come back to a country that doesn’t get so overly excited about flashlight guns you can use walking down the street while walking your dog…

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If my grandfather were to ever buy a mac, he would keep it natural, like this! Check out more photos of this antique beast here.

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