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In case you can’t sleep at night not knowing what it must be like! My Chimp, Campeon, is the glue that holds the company together, and me not going batshit! 🙂


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The best team in the Premiership is now trying to show they are the best in Europe. In no other sport could you get such a rollercoaster ride of emotions in 90 minutes, as the two settled for a 0-0 tie in the first of a two game series (aggregate). Arsenal showed they belong at the top, and got the opportunities they needed, ending with a last second header hitting the post by striker Adebayor.

Nothing like living in the city where a Champions League game takes place- its electric! If Arsenal moves on I hope to get more photos and footage of the atmosphere surrounding gameday. Only problem is you don’t want to carry a camera in the underground and in the pubs with loads of drunken hooligans and stick out like a sore thumb (I already do that simply by the color of my skin and my American accent). At least for Champions League games they bring out the coppers with dogs to surround the pubs, but are they there for my protection though? 🙂

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Gil Scott-Heron

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

My co-worker always played tracks from this artist and this past Friday I finally asked him who it was. He sent me a link to his music and come Sunday realized I had listened to the record all weekend. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised is one of the best albums I have ever listened too. His father was also the first black player to ever play for Celtic FC. Bottom line is The Heron’s can do no wrong ;). Below are clips of Gil performing one of my favorites, The Bottle, and a more recent video of him talking about the summer, because ‘everybody love’s the sunshiiine’- Freshhh. 😉

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I was always hesitant of going through my first ‘propa’ English winter, however, I NEVER thought we’d have as good of weather as this! From what I’ve been hearing back home, I think we’ve been having better weather than LA! Maybe it’s the calm before the floods 😦

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Just put up phase one of this English horror comedy (pretty cool mix of genre’s) flick, check it out here at:


I’ve also been experimenting with compositing digital video into the site, check out some rough tests on my site here.

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In the spirit of Valentines Day, I wanted to show you an art piece I made in the name of Love. Awww… :I 🙂 (according to my co-worker, Ed, he spells love, “Luv” haha). Ok, on to the piece.

Being a digital designer, its great to get your hands dirty and create something from scratch with scissors and glue (just like in kindergarden!). Well, this Christmas was unlike any other, and since I would be celebrating it with my family in Italy, the gift needed to be special and work after being shipped overseas (It will all make sense soon).

The gift box itself was comprised of goodies and small gifts for my girlfriend surrounding the framed art piece (above), but somehow that wasn’t enough, and I began thinking how cool it would be if she opened it up and it-illuminated!

Supported by mounds of snow made from cotton balls bought from Boots (It’s kinda like a Target), I bought a miniature light set that enveloped the gifts, and with a hole cut below the box wide enough for the cord to fit through, the idea was plug it in, open it up, Bam! Winter Wonderland. Only problem is I couldn’t buy a light set for the US, rather had to get a UK one and hope the adapter I also brought worked as well. Somehow I chose the wrong one.

In the end, even though when she plugged it in it didn’t light up and the ipod clevely attached to the box didn’t work (you suck steve jobs!) I put together a few shots of the creative process and what it should have looked like when it was opened…Properly! (link below)

Photos of how I made it here.

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British A-Team Van!Okay I’m gonna cut to the chase-I haven’t posted shit in forever, and I kind of feel I should say something like ‘im sorry’ but then again I haven’t really told anyone I had one! Now that the site’s done and have a place for people to access it, it gives me more incentive to update it. Soo on that note, I’m gonna start it off by showing you this badass British A-Team van I saw on my way to work this morning!


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